Dushanbe Independence Monument


Visit Guide to Dushanbe Independence Monument

The Independence Monument is an impressive monument to national pride and confidence, which is visible from most places in the capital. It stands to one side of Rudaki Park, near the National Library.

Getting There

The Independence Monument is located close to the National Library, the Ismail Somoni Statue and the Parliament of Tajikistan. It is within walking distance of all of them.

What to Expect

The Independence Monument is in close proximity to other attractions in Rudaki Park, but stands out due to its scale. It is 45m high, but placed on a platform it seems to be even taller than that. The emblem placed on top of the column has a book – the symbol of knowledge – at its base. Above the book are the Pamir Mountains with the rising sun, and the symbolic seven “lucky” stars. Above them is a crown decorated with wheat on the right and some cotton on the left.


This national symbol was presented in 2011, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Tajikistan regaining its independence.

Facilities Available

  • Restaurants nearby
  • Since it located along to main street, your can find different class of restaurants on the main street by walking