Visit Guide to Mehrgon Bazaar

It would be inconceivable for a city like Dushanbe not to have bustling bazaars like its multifunctional Mehrgon open air market. Named in honour of the annual autumn harvest festival, this monumental two-floor building attracts residents and visitors looking for authentic flavour and great bargains. Agricultural fairs and seasonal festivals such as the festival of grapes, melons, pumpkins, potatoes, and more are held at Mehrgon.

Image by Ninara – Dushanbe, Mehrgon Market

Getting There

You can get to the market by taxi, minibus, bus number 4, or on foot by turning from Rudaki Avenue onto one of the many side streets that leads to the market.

What to Expect

Mehrgon Bazaar is a main attraction of Dushanbe and offers an unparalleled sensory experience. The bazaar offers exotic produce from Tajikistan’s fertile orchards and farms, such as fresh and dried fruits, honey, famous Tajik spices, halva and other agricultural products.


The site where Mehrgon Bazaar is located, Surkhob Street, was known previously as the Green Bazaar, untill 2012 when the latter was demolished and a new bazaar was constructed nearby. The transition from the Green Bazaar to the new Mehgron Bazaar was at first not well received by Dushanbe’s residents.

Many didn’t expect it to be successful, especially since unlike its predecessor, this new bazaar’s location was located on side streets away from the city centre. But over time the side streets grew to become avenues thereby improving access and the visibility of the market to locals and visitors.


There is a cafe on the third floor.