Visit Guide to Rudaki Park and Statue

Dedicated to Rudaki, the legendary and revered Persian poet who is considered to be the father of artistic verse, this park and monument in central Dushanbe are surrounded by fresh breezes and soothing fountains, which in the summer are popular with Tajiks and international guests alike.

Getting There

The park is located at the intersection of Rudaki Avenue and Karamov street. This area can be reached on trolleybuses 1 and 2, or buses 3a and 18.

What to Expect

The park is spacious, with benches and picturesque manicured gardens. The statue is at the north side of the park: Rudaki is shown standing atop a tall grey pedestal, leaning on a cane. His name in Tajik and Persian script is written on the base, as are the years of his life, 858-941. At the lower section of the base are a few lines from a Rudaki poem.


Rudaki is known as the ‘Adam of Poets’, as he was the first to use the modern Persian language in poetry. He was born in Panjakent, where his mausoleum can be visited today. He is said to have written over a million poems, but few have survived. The nearby Rudaki Avenue is named in his honour.

Facilities Available

  • Entry to the park is free
  • Public toilets
  • Restaurants close by