Visit Guide to Ismoili Somoni Statue

At the entrance to Somoni Square, at the western side of Rudaki Park, there is a statue of Ismail Somoni, the great king of the Samanid dynasty established by the Persian nation in Central Asia. It was during his reign that the Tajik nation began to appear in Central Asia, so Somoni was honoured as the “father of the Tajik nation”.

Getting There

This attraction is located close to the National Library and the Parliament of Tajikistan, and is within walking distance of all of them. This area may be reached by trolleybuses 1 and 2 or by buses 3a and 18. It is also accessible by taxi.

What to Expect

The statue is about 25m high, and was erected in 1999 as a tribute to one of the greatest emirs and heroes in the history of Tajikistan. It is considered the most ornate monument to him due to its luxurious appearance, particularly the presence of gilded elements highlighting details on the structure.


Originally there was a statue of Lenin standing on the square. After the fall of the Soviet Union, groups of Tajiks pushed Lenin over, and the statue of Ismail Somoni was erected in its place. Today there are guards patrolling the statue of Ismail Somoni.

Facilities Available

  • Entry to this area is free.
  • Public toilets,
  • Restaurants close by,