Visit Guide to Icheri Bazaar – Qakh

The city started to form from this place, and it is also one of the oldest streets. The street reflects medieval architecture.

Main image: Asif Abbas, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Getting There

You can reach the location by taking buses №1 and №2, or by hailing a taxi from the Central Bus Station in Gakh.  Alternatively, if you are driving, you can start from the Flag Square at the entrance of Gakh and proceed along the Heydar Aliyev Avenue towards the Police Station roundabout. From there, turn onto Imam Mustafayev Street and then make a turn onto Azerbaijan avenue after approximately 5-7 minutes. You will find Icheri Bazaar ahead, located on your right.

What to Expect

Icheri Bazaar is the traditional central square of Gakh city, encircled by walls that give the area a unique and historical ambiance. One of the most distinguishing features of the Ichari Bazaar neighborhood is its historical architectural style, which transports visitors back to the 19th century. Adding to its rich history, in the 1880s, the blacksmith’s workshop of master Muhammad – the father of the renowned composer and public figure Muslim Magomayev – was located here. In 1902, while studying at the Gori seminary, Muslim Magomayev visited his fatherland in the company of the genius composer Uzeyir Hajibeyli, as per his father’s wishes.

Icheri Bazaar Street is further enhanced by its proximity to Nasimi and Nizami parks. Additionally, street cafes and an open-air stage designed to resemble an amphitheater can be found along the street. The Icheri Bazaar Complex also hosts an array of craft workshops including those for applied art, carpet making, weaving, and woodcarving, as well as  shop and a bakery.


According to Mahir Efendi, director of the Gakh District History and Local History Museum, who provided information about the history of the “Icheri bazaar” castle complex, the Gakh castle was originally built by Ilisu sultan Adi-Gorklu Bey in the 16th century.

The modern city of Gakh essentially grew outward from this historical center, which is the ‘Icheri Bazaar’ castle complex. Initially constructed for defensive purposes, the Gakh fortress underwent restoration in the 18th century under Ibrahim Khan, the brother of Nadir Shah Afshar, during his visit to Jar-Balakan.

Following Ibrahim Khan’s death at the hands of Tsar rebels in 1738, the fortress was abandoned by its garrison and subsequently came under the control of the rulers of Ilisu. After the Sultanate of Ilisu was annexed by Tsarist Russia in 1844, the strategically situated fortress in the heart of what is now Gakh became a garrison for Russian soldiers.

Upon the dissolution of the Sultanate of Ilisu, a garrison commanded by Major General Burno was temporarily stationed in the fortress. Last time the complex was restored in 2013 by the executive branch of the city.

Today, “Icheri Bazaar” stands as one of the most frequented recreational spots for both residents and visitors, attracting local and foreign tourists alike.

Facilities Available

  • Public toilet
  • Restaurant
  • Tea house
  • Ramramay Hotel
  • Gakh Hostel
  • Taxi
  • Parking area
  • Supermarkets