Visit Guide to Pirqulu Village

The main attractive area for tourists to relax in the region is the northern part of the circuit. It is rich in mountains, forests, minerals, and medical springs. People enjoy relaxing in areas with amazing beauty in the villages of Avagil, Dadagash, Galilee, Kemaddin, Sisera, Nagarakana, Guest, Meyer, Madras, Kyzmeydan, Pirbehli those close to Pirqulu village.

Getting There

If you want to go to Pirqulu, it is possible to go 23 kilometers from Shamakhi and 115 kilometers from Baku. From Shamakhi city center, you can go to Pirqulu village to order a taxi or from Baku international bus station complex, there is shuttle bus or order taxi is also possible to reach the village.

What to Expect

When you will visit Pirqulu, you can stay in the villages of Pirqulu and you can also try the local dishes in Pirqulu restaurants. Amazing mountain view will greet you in the village and famous Shamakhi astrophysics observatory will make unforgettable your visit to the village.

Facilities Available

  • Hiking
  • Guide services
  • Picnic
  • Mealing