Sheki Shebeke Workshop


Visit Guide to Sheki Shebeke Workshop

Shebeke is a unique local craft of Sheki, a city in north-western Azerbaijan. The craft involves making stunning architectural ornaments from tiny pieces of stained glass pieced together inside wooden lattices without glue or nails. The Shebeke Workshop in the Sheki Fortress is the best place to learn how it is done.

Getting There

Once an important stop on the legendary Silk Road, the city of Sheki in the north-west of Azerbaijan is located around 4-4.5 hours of drive from Baku. You can travel to Sheki by car or take one of numerous inter-city buses leaving for Sheki from the Baku International Bus Station.

What to Expect

Once an important trade hub along the Silk Road, Sheki continues to exude a spirit of the past. In the Sheki Fortress, call into the shebeke workshop to see spectacular mosaics being painstakingly composed of thousands of tiny pieces of stained glass held together in wooden lattices of all shapes and sizes. The local artisan will gladly show you the process and even let you build your own shebeke or buy one of the ready pieces as a souvenir.


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