Visit Guide to Tashkent Minor Mosque

The Minor Mosque is a mosque in the capital of Uzbekistan, Tashkent, stands on the renovated bank of the Ankhor (canal). Built in the traditional oriental and Uzbek style, the mosque has two minarets and a sky-colored dome. Its interior is decorated in the naksh style and the mihrab is ornamented not only with sayings from the Koran, but also with hadiths. The mosque is designed for over 2,400 people.

Getting There

The Minor Mosque is located in the new part of Tashkent, close to UzEskpoCenter and Inetrnational Hotel Tashkent. A small ring road leads to the mosque – you can get by car from anywhere in Tashkent. From the center of the Uzbekistan capital, it is more convenient to move along Sharaf Rashidov Avenue, and then turn onto the small ring road (to the left). For tourists travelling by their own car, there is a spacious parking lot onsite.

Next to the mosque, there is a walking trail along the Ankhor canal.  Uzbek culture fans can also visit the Minor Cemetery, located in a 6 minute walk from the mosque. Many outstanding figures of Uzbekistan culture and science are buried here.

The nearest metro station is Bodamzar, located in a 15-minute walk, at Amir Temur Avenue.

The ground transportation stop is located a little closer, in about 5-minute walk from the mosque. One can get to the Institut Semashko stop by buses No. 20, 29, 85, and 88 running regularly.

Tashkent offers low-cost taxi services. You can call a car using Yandex.Taxi and Maxim, or services of local My Taxi, Perekrestok.

What to Expect

After opening, the Minor mosque became one of the largest Muslim spiritual centers of Tashkent and the whole of Uzbekistan. The construction of the Minor mosque was financed from the state budget and the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Uzbekistan.

All facilities have been created for visitors in the mosque. There are special rooms for ablutions, equipped with modern amenities.

Inside, the mosque looks traditional for a Central Asian temple: a mihrab (a niche in a Muslim temple that indicates the direction to Mecca) with lines from the Koran and quotes from the Prophet Muhammad, clay-gypsum walls with openwork carvings, frescoes. The local mihrab was created as an exact copy of the mihrab of Samarkand.

Although the mosque is not connected with historical events, it is not shrouded in mysterious legends, it is worth visiting it to admire the graceful beauty and the interior decoration delicacy. It is rightly considered one of the most beautiful buildings in the capital of Uzbekistan. It is also worth looking at the mosque in the distance, from the bank of the Ankhor canal – a snow-white building with a bright blue dome looks incredibly majestic and at the same time fragile, like a mirage in the desert.

Admission for visitors is free. However, Islamic dress rules apply. Legs and shoulders must be covered, women are given headscarves at the entrance. The courtyard is open to the public, but only men are allowed into the mosque itself. There is a small room for women, fenced with a lattice. In the summertime, it is better to plan a visit to the mosque in the evening, since in the heat of the day there is nowhere to hide from the scorching sun – the square in front of the mosque is planted with low, shade-free shrub, and a small fountain on hot days does not provide the expected freshness.


Uzbekistan is famous for having the oldest and most beautiful mosques in Central Asia, carrying with them years of history. They are structures that illustrate the culture of the country. The newest addition is the Minor Mosque. It only started its construction in 2013 and held its big opening on October 2014, in the evening of the Muslim holiday Kurban Khayit. Construction was sponsored by the government and management is handled by Muslims in the country. It is located in one of the new parts of the city by the banks of the Ankhor canal, which has gone through lots of recent improvements with the goal of modernizing the city. The complex is surrounded by a green landscape and a path through the canal ideal for evening strolls—a must-do activity chosen by the locals.

Facilities Available

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