Visit Guide to Tsum

TSUM (Central Department Store) is the country main store and the most visited shopping center in Kyrgyzstan.

Getting There

TSUM can be reached by public transport or by car.

What to Expect

On 2019, TSUM turned 45 years old and greatly expanded. You find everything you were looking for and have a great time with the whole family.


The building of the Central department store of Kyrgyzstan is the brainchild of architects Sobolevsky and Peresvetov.

The project started in 1970 and ended in 1974. In the early years the Central Department Store was designed for 400 trade places located on three floors. Now there are six.

The opening became a big event in the life of the city, since the first in the republic were installed in the Central Department Store escalators, passenger and freight elevators.

Facilities Available

Closed parking, car wash, dry cleaning, pharmacy, watch repair and more.