Visit Guide to Victory Square

Victory Square is a public square in the city of Bishkek dedicated to the memory of soldiers who died during the Second World War.

Getting There

Accessible by taxi and public transport.

What to Expect

On the square is the Victory Monument. The architectural and sculptural composition dedicated to the victory in the Great Patriotic War was installed in the capital of Kyrgyzstan in 1985. The authors of the memorial were architects V. Bukhaev and V. Lyzenko, sculptors M. Anikushkin and T. Sadykov, who depicted the symbol of victory as three curved arcs above the eternal flame, symbolizing the yurt.

Three curved arcs represent a yurt with a sculpture of a woman-mother with a bowl in her hands, standing under a tunduk near the eternal fire, waiting for the return of her husband and sons from the war. Two other compositions are sculptural images of fighters who returned from the war, who were surrounded by jubilant children; and two soldiers with a dismantled machine gun in their hands.

Along the edges of the stairs leading in the arch, marble slabs are installed, on which the names of the heroes of the war and the home front are carved, inscriptions about the historical significance of the victory over the enemy. The memorial makes one think about the colossal price paid by the people of the country for the victory.


In ancient times, on the site of Victory Square in Bishkek (the former name of Frunze) was the Green Market. Or, as it was called earlier, Kolkhozny. Peasants from all over the country traded here. It appeared in 1929 and occupied 2 hectares. Later, the green market was moved to other parts of the city.

Facilities Available

Near the square there is a circus, the shopping center TSUM, GUM, the Hyatt hotel, Oak Park