Visit Guide to Zarnava Bridge

It is a bridge with a spectacular view, located on the Ismayilli – Lahij road.

Getting There

You can reach there are two ways to reach there, by bus or car. You can take a bus from Baku International Bus Complex, which operates daily. Once you’ve reached Ismayilli, you can take a taxi or use bus to reach Zarnava village.

If you travel by car, once you arrive at Ismayilli, in order to reach Zarnava village, you need to the Muganli-Ismayilli road and drive along the asphalt road in the direction of Lahij. After a while, we leave the easy road and go down a rocky dirt road.

What to Expect

The legendary suspension bridge in Ismayilli is crossed on the route to Zarnava village. To be able to traverse this route and arrive at your destination, you must face and conquer all of your inner fears. Although it gives tourists a rush, the locals refer to this bridge as the bridge of life since it connects their homes and families.

The major purpose of this 74-meter-long suspension bridge over the Girdman river between two mountains, which draws both domestic and foreign tourists throughout the year, is to give residents of Zarnava hamlet access to the highway by crossing the river.