Visit Guide to Osh Bazaar in Bishkek

Osh bazaar is the charm of an orient bazaar in miniature, has two small rows with spices, flat bread, oriental sweets, national souvenirs, and long rows with dried fruits, nuts, fruits and vegetables. Do not expect vivid impressions, as from the markets of Arab countries or Uzbekistan – you will not see any silk, carpets or handmade crockery here.

Getting There

Osh bazaar is one of the biggest markets in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan’s capital. Located at the western outskirt of the city, near the Western Bus Station, it’s easy to access via public transport and taxi.

What to Expect

Food, almost any household items, clothes, souvenirs and even musical instruments can be bought at Osh bazaar. Kyrgyz national clothes are sold in the national goods section, called “Kyyal” (Kyrgyz: Kyyal – “fantasy / dream”) and may be special ordered (for size, color, etc.) through the bazaar vendors.

The national goods section also includes vendors who sell carved wooden trunks (Kyrgyz: sandyk), national bedding (Kyrgyz: tushyk), national cradles (Kyrgyz: beshyk), small souvenirs, and many other locally produced items relevant to the traditional and modern culture of Kyrgyzstan.


Who doesn’t know the Osh market? Everyone knows! If all roads of the Roman Empire led to Rome, then, perhaps, all minibuses, buses and trolleybuses of the capital of Kyrgyzstan will bring you to the Osh market. And from here you can get to any point of the city.

There is something for everyone to buy at the Osh bazaar. This is a one-stop market for travelers who want to bring a taste of Kyrgyzstan back home.

Facilities Available

  • Public toilets
  • Cafes
  • Bus stop