Visit Guide to Jummah Mosque

This is one of Azerbaijan’s largest and most architecturally impressive places of worship. The current building is a recent reconstruction, however the original was built way back in 743 AD, making it the second mosque to appear in the Caucasus and the first in Azerbaijan. Throughout its long history the Juma Mosque has been destroyed and rebuilt several times but has always been one of the country’s main spiritual centres.

Getting There

120 kilometers from Baku, the Juma Mosque is located in Shamakhi region, close to the city centre. A bus from the Baku International Bus Station heading to Shamakhi will take you there, or, alternatively, you can reach the mosque directly by car.

What to Expect

The mosque is operational and many visitors come there to pray. Entry is not restricted, so you may go inside and learn more about the history and the worshipping traditions in the mosque.


According to the Arabic ligature on the façade of the mosque, it was built in 743 AD during the reign of the Arabic caliphate in the region and the spread of Islam.


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