Kish Albanian Temple


Visit Guide to Kish Albanian Temple

Five kilometres from Sheki city, the picturesque village of Kish is home to a charming church, believed to date originally to 1 AD and therefore be one of the oldest churches in the Caucasus. Built during the existence of Caucasian Albania, the church is now a monument to that ancient kingdom and houses a museum displaying archaeological finds from various layers of history.

Getting There

From Sheki, you may travel to Kish by public transportation or car – if you are not afraid of a walk across the beautiful hills, you may even hike to Kish and enjoy the nature scenery around along the way.

What to Expect

Explore Albanian temple, one of our greatest monuments of Caucasian Albania – an ancient state that existed here from about 3BC to 8AD. The church now functions primarily as a museum to Caucasian Albania and features a host of Bronze Age ceramics, as well as glass-covered vaults displaying ancient graves with two-metre long skeletons.


The core of the beautiful church in Kish is thought to date to 1AD, yet archaeologists have discovered evidence that a cultic site existed here as early as 3,000BC.


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