Visit Guide to Afurja Waterfall

Afurja waterfall attracts tourists more in the summer months. When you plan to visit the waterfall, you will see nature and big rocks around of the Afurja waterfall. Also, you can have a picnic in Afurja village.

Getting There

It is possible to go from Guba to Afurja village by using a taxi service or public transport. Public transport is going to the Afurja village from the city center (Guba bus station), and you will reach to the village roughly in an hour by bus. From there, you can use offroad cars (they serves as a taxi) to get to the waterfall. Or you can walk the distance there, which is approximately 4 km.

Another way is to call to taxi  (“0066” taxi service) too. You will reach Afurja village roughly 40 minutes from the city center by car. Also, it is more convenient to use offroad cars,  the road infrastructure is not suitable for sedan cars.

What to Expect

To enjoy the beauty of the Afurja waterfall pouring down from the mountain and relax around it, you need to walk 200 meters through the forest.


The Afurja waterfall is located on the Valvala river, at the point where it intersects the side ridge, within a canyon-like valley slope. It is recognized as a geological natural monument of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Its height is 60 meters. Although the road to the entrance of Afurja village is in good condition, the road inside the village and to the waterfall is rocky.

Facilities Available

  • Public Toilet
  • Parking
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Picnic areas
  • Taxi