Galaxudat Village


Visit Guide to Galaxudat Village

Galakhudat village has been inhabited since the early Middle Ages. If you visit this village, you will be acquainted with the history, the daily lifestyle of local people, and the local cuisine of the village and pass by different villages of Guba.

Getting There

You can get there by sedan or offroad cars. It is also possible to order cars from the city center; by passing several astonishing villages of Guba, approximately in a 1 hour and 20 minutes, you will reach to the Galakhudat village.

What to Expect

Galakhudat village is situated on the Guba-Khinalig Road. The road infrastructure is suitable for sedan and offroad cars. If you look from all sides, you can see this village, located on the top of the bird-free mountains, was assimilated to a castle by our ancestors. The presence of watchtowers on the nearby mountain “Gayalar bashi” indicates that this village is a strategically important place.


The village of Galakhudat is located 50 km north-west from the city of Guba in the Great Caucasus Mountain range at an altitude of 2250 meters above sea level. Currently, about 200 people live in the village and there are about 45 houses.

There are different versions of the origin of the word “Galakhudat”. Thus, the village is surrounded by “Gizil gaya”, “Ayda gala”, “Balta gaya”, “Gulagli gaya”, “Gayalar bashi” and “Mascid gaya”, which surround the village from the north and east sides and have a relative height of more than 500 meters.

Currently, the the village community is engaged in animal husbandry and agriculture. Barley and wheat were cultivated in the fields of the village. Furthermore, in 1927, the first school was built in the village of Galakhudat. There are several sacred habitats in the village known as “Veysalgara”, “Galinlar piri”, “Nazirgah”, “Yel piri”.

Facilities Available

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