Visit Guide to Gryz Village

The village of Gryz is one of the settlements with the most snow in the territory of Azerbaijan. If you visit this village, you will be acquainted history, local people and local of the village and pass different villages of Guba.

Getting There

Gryz village is 38 km away from the center of Guba region.

What to Expect

“Gur-Gur” waterfall is a unique natural resource located on the Gryz-Galakhudat eco-hiking route. The waterfall freezes in winter, which creates a special interest for visitors. There are great opportunities for the development of various types of mountain tourism in the village.

The wide, high rock wall on the side of the road connecting the villages of Gryz and Galaykhudat is also of great importance. The height of the rocks is about 15-20 m, and there are places for camping at the foothills.


The village of Gryz is a unique village from Caucasian Albania, with its own language and culture and existing history. Gryz village is located at the foot of Mount Ag, 2000-2050 meters above sea level, on the bank of the Gudyalchay River. There are some springs, waterfalls, caves and rivers around the village. Gryz is one of the settlements with the most snow in Azerbaijan.

Jews once lived in Gryz, having been moved to this village by Fatali Khan. The population of the village is made up of Gryzlians. The village has high potential for ecotourism development. The “Galakhudat – Gryz” and “Gryz – Gryzdahna” ecotourism routes pass through Gryz. It is a unique place for those wanting to do outdoor tourism activities, and many guesthouses operate here.

The “Babbey” waterfall is located 5 km from Gryz village, at an altitude of 2500 meters above sea level, in the canyon of the “Bark” stream. It is considered one of the full waterfalls, with plenty of water year-round. The “Gur-Gur” waterfall is 3 km from Gryz village centre, on the “Gryz-Galakhudat” walking route. You can walk from the village.

The “Abu Muslim Mosque” was built by the Arab general Abu Muslim in the 8th century. However, due to serious damage, the mosque in Gryz village is currently not in use.

Facilities Available

  • Parking
  • Hiking
  • Picnic areas
  • Taxi
  • Guesthouse