Khinalig Village


Visit Guide to Khinalig Village

Perched atop a mountain ridge at over 2,000 metres, the village of Khinalig boasts breathtaking Caucasus Mountain views, thousands of years of history and residents who speak their own distinct language. The village’s 380 houses are scattered across steep terrain and sit so compactly that the roof of one doubles as the courtyard of another. 5km from the village is a restored fire-worshipping temple.

Getting There

Khinalig is located in the Guba region, at the top of a mountain ridge. Getting there is not easy as you will need to take a taxi from Guba to Khinalig if you travel to Guba from Baku by inter-city bus. If traveling by car, it would be easier to reach there on an off-road vehicle.

What to Expect

Khinalig offers an opportunity to explore one of Azerbaijan’s top ethno-tourism spots and enjoy an intriguing local culture while experiencing the full majesty of the Caucasus Mountains. As descendants of one of the ancient Caucasian Albanian tribes, the locals speak a completely unique language. Travelling here will allow you to discover their intriguing local culture and rural lifestyle.


  • Public toilets
  • Guesthouse accommodation
  • Taxis