Beshbarmag Mountain


Visit Guide to Beshbarmag Mountain

Located near the village of Galashikli in the Siyazan region, this is a protected area centred around Mt Beshbarmag (Five Finger Mountain), an iconic rocky outcrop considered sacred by Azerbaijanis. The reserve, currently under development, also includes the ruins of an ancient fortress and a superb birdwatching site with hiking trails and other attractions to come.

Getting There

The reserve is located 95 km from Baku, on the road to Siyazan region. Most of the buses going from Baku along the northern route pass through Beshbarmag, so you may take a bus from Baku International Bus Station. Alternatively, a taxi or a car ride would work.

What to Expect

Apart from being a state reserve and a perfect birdwatching spot, Beshbarmag is also a sacred place and very popular among pilgrims. You may also visit the shrine of Khidir Zinda in Beshbarmag or take a hike along many stairs to the top of the mountain.


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