Candy Cane Mountains


Visit Guide to Candy Cane Mountains

A range of shale mountains spanning the Khizi and Siyazan regions (north of Baku) characterised by their mesmerising pink and white stripes. These were caused by contact with water millions of years ago that altered the oxidation state of iron in the rock. The mountains also contain many belemnites, fossils of squid-like creatures from the Cretaceous period.

Getting There

Around 100 km separate Baku and the Candy Cane mountains, located in the Khizi region. One can take a bus from Baku International Bus Station going from Baku along the northern route through Khizi and then have a short taxi ride to the mountains.

What to Expect

The mountains are characterized by their mesmerizing pink and white stripes, unique to the region. This Martian landscape makes you feel as if on another planet or even a dimension!