Visit Guide to Chirag Gala Castle

Situated 80km north of Baku are the ruins of an ancient fortress whose name translates as ‘Lamp Castle’. The fortress dates back to the 4th-5th centuries, built by the Sassanids as part of a long defensive wall, and sits picturesquely at 1,200m atop a cliff overlooking the Caspian coastline. A 6km walking trail leads there from the village of Dashli Yanar.

Getting There

Chirag Gala fortress is located in Guba region of Azerbaijan, north from Baku. To reach it, take a bus from the Baku International Bus Station heading to Guba, and take a taxi to the fortress. You might need to go for a short hike if you want to reach the top of the mountain the fortress is located at.

What to Expect

The fortress is a popular historic landmark among the tourists and it also features a nice hike to the top of the mountains and splendid views of the Caspian coast.


Chirag Gala fortress was built in 4-5th century AD and functioned as a lookout post against the enemy invasions both during the Sassanid Empire and later the Guba khanate.