Gadim Guba Carpet Workshop


Visit Guide to Gadim Guba Carpet Workshop

“Gadim Guba” private carpet workshop is located the city of Guba, close to the city center preserves the samples and the carpet weaving school of Guba city and the region.

Getting There

You can get there by using a public transport N1 and taxi. Public transport which is going to the Heydar Aliyev prospect from the city center (Ali shopping center), you can use it and will reach to the carpet center roughly 10 minutes. You can order taxi next to the “Gadim Guba” carpet workshop from the city center and will arrive there 5 minutes. Also you can order taxi by online (“0066” taxi service). 

What to Expect

Tourists can get acquainted with the production process here as well as buy various flavored carpets from the shop located near the enterprise. In addition to operating as an entrepreneurial entity, this workshop also plays an important role in restoring forgotten traditions, keeping ancient folk art alive, and teaching its secrets to the young generation.


The Gadim Guba carpet weaving school combines about 35 carpets with ornamental compositions. The medallion style is also widespread in the carpets of this school. There are bright compositions of Guba carpets such as “Ancient minaret”, “Gimil”, “Alpan”, “Gollu Chichi”, “Pirabadil”, “Hajigayib”, “Gyrız”, “Cek”.

The Gadim Guba carpet cent, which covers the north-east of Azerbaijan, is divided into three parts: mountainous, foothills and lowlands. The carpets woven in the villages of Gonaqkend, Khashi, Cimi, Afurca, Yerfi, Budug, Grız, Cek, and Salmasoyud can be attributed to the mountainous part. The carpets woven in Amirkhanli, Alikhanli, Khalfalar, Piramsan, Bilici, Shahnazarli, Pirabadil, Zeyva, Zohrami and other surrounding villages of Shabran region belong to the foothills part. In addition, the carpets woven in the villages located in the lowland zone of Shabran region, as well as in the Darband area, are an integral part of this school.

Facilities Available

  • Carpet shop
  • Souvenir shop