Guba Jumma Mosque


Visit Guide to Guba Jumma Mosque

Juma Mosque is one of the oldest mosques with a rich architectural style. It was built in 1802 and is located on Fatalikhan Street in the city of Guba. If you visit the territory of the mosque, you will see Guba Square Park and the architecture of the mosque. This mosque was one of the oldest religious not only in Guba but also in northeastern Azerbaijan.

Getting There

You can get there by using public transport (bus N1) or a taxi. To get to the Guba  you can use the public transport (bus N1 is going to the  from the city  (  Shopping Mall). Once you get off the bus, it will take you around 3 minutes to walk to the mosque. From the city, you can order a taxi to the Juma mosque, and it will take 5 minutes to get there. Also, you can order a taxi by a call or online (“0066” taxi service).

What to Expect

Small cafes, square parks, restaurants, supermarkets, and shopping  may be found on the grounds of the Juma mosque, and both visitors and locals can visit these places.  It is possible to enter the mosque for the purpose of praying, performing Namaz, or observing the interior design. 


The Juma Mosque, constructed in the year 1802, stands as one of the oldest mosques, having a distinctive architectural style. This historical structure was made possible through the financial support of Gazi Ismayil Effendi, the son of Gazi Nasrullah Effendi. The construction process  period of ten years, with intermittent pauses.

The mosque was built using mud bricks produced in the nearby village of Igrig, located approximately 8-10  away from the district. The main construction materials consisted of flour, egg, and lime. The Turkish government added a pulpit to the mosque and constructed a 50-meter-high minaret. This mosque was not only one of the oldest religious  in Guba, but also throughout northeastern Azerbaijan.

Facilities Available

  • Parking
  • Taxi
  • Public Toilet
  • Shopping
  • Wi-Fi