Haji Jafar Mosque


Visit Guide to Haji Jafar Mosque

Haji Jafar Mosque has a rich architectural style which was built in 1905. It is located in Ardabil street 62 in Guba. The mosque is covered with several shopping centers and “Chukhur hammam”.

Getting There

You can get there by using public transport N1 or a taxi. Public transport is going to the Heydar Aliyev prospect from the city center (Ali shopping center), and you will reach to the mosque roughly in 10 minutes by walking. You can order a taxi next to the Haji Jafar Mosque from the city center and will arrive to the mosque in 5 minutes. It is also possible to order a taxi online or call a taxi service (“0066” taxi service).

What to Expect

Several shopping centers are located near to Haji Jafar Mosque where tourists and local people can visit. It is possible to pray in the mosque or just observe the interior design. 


Haji Jafar mosque was built in 1905, in the center of Guba region. During Soviet occupation, it was served as a student dormitory, then used as a grain storage. In 1943, the dome was restored with the budget of local population, and since 1944, it functioned as a mosque again.

The building of the mosque, built of baked bricks, consists of 4 rooms. A small hall reserved for women is located on the second floor. The dome of the mosque is covered with white iron from the outside. The ancient carved door of the mosque, made without using nails, has been preserved until now.

Facilities Available

  • Taxi
  • Public Toilet
  • Shopping centers