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Visit Guide to Hiking and Camping Babadag

Babadag, (it is also called Hazrat Baba sanctuary) is a shrine located at an altitude of 3629 meters above sea level, surrounded by snow-capped mountains in the territory of Shahdag National Park. If you want to visit these areas, you will cross some villages of Guba and meet local etnic groups.

Getting There

It is possible to go to Babadag from 2 directions: Guba and Ismayilli district. The road to Babadag from Guba region is relatively short. The sanctuary  reached from the territory of Dark and Garkhun villages distance to Babadag is 7 kilometers from the village of Garkhun, and 7.5 kilometers from the direction of Dark-Talish. M, trucks are used.  “Gurbangah” you have to climb the mountain on foot.

The road from Ismayilli district is more convenient and the infrastructure is developed. It is possible to go to Babadag from the villages of Lahic and Chaygovushan of Ismayilli  region. The distance to Babadag is 8 kilometers from Lahic village. Mostly, trucks are used. “Gurbangah”, you have to climb the mountain on foot.

In addition, tourists who visit the Babadag peak make the “Guba-Ismayilli” and “Ismayilli-Guba” from the Babadag pass. Later, visit the villages of Haput and Garkhun, passing through the lakes around Babadag.

What to Expect

To visit Babadag, you can stay in the villages of Guba in the same territory. Also, you can taste local dishes of the villages.


The peak of Babadag is covered with snow for 9-10 months of the year. Therefore, those who visit from mid-July. The duration of the visit can take two months or more depending on the weather conditions.

The most active and main roads to this peak are from three directions; one of them is from Ismayilli, and the other two are from Guba region. In Guba region, one of the roads passes through the villages of Yerfi-Dark, and the other through the villages of Yerfi-Söhüb-Garkhun.

Visitors have to drive most of the road from Ismayilli side and Garkhon, and walk the rest of the short and steep road. Those going in the direction of Yerfi-Derk have to walk the rest of the way after going to Dedagunesh by car. The advantage of this road over other roads is that those who find it difficult to walk can rent a horse in Derk village and climb to the top.

Babadag area will provide an unforgettable experience for mountain tourism, adventure and camping lovers. Babadag peak can be safely climbed by Shahdag National Park, using a guide service.

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