Lankaran Lighthouse Tower


Visit Guide to Lankaran Lighthouse Tower

Lankaran Lighthouse Tower was one of the constellations of the Lankaran Castle, it was built in the 18th century. After the Castle was conquered by Russia, it started to be used as a Lighthouse Tower. Nowadays it is still used as a Lighthouse Tower.

Getting There

To visit the Lankaran Lighthouse Tower people can travel to Lankaran from Baku by car, taxi, or bus. There is a 247-kilometre distance from Baku to Lankaran by car. It takes approximately three hours to reach Lankaran from Baku.

Train travel is not currently available although it is expected to be accessible soon. The lighthouse is located near the Railway Station of Lankaran. There is a bus service in Lankaran. People can use bus services and cars to get to the lighthouse.

What to Expect

People are not allowed to enter inside due to the strategic nature of this. The Lighthouse is currently under the control of Caspian Sea Shipping. It can only be viewed and photographed from the outside.


The building is believed to have been constructed between 1747 and 1786 and was originally one of the strongholds of the Lankaran fortress. In 1869, its function as a prison was abolished to make way for its use as a lighthouse. A lantern was placed on the top of the building, and it began to serve as a lighthouse. Subsequently, the lighthouse was assigned to the Caspian Navy of the Russian Empire.

The building underwent renovation in 1957. In 1969, the hundredth anniversary of the lighthouse was celebrated. Further repairs were carried out in the lighthouse building in 2002.

Facilities Available

The facilities and services are not available there, because the lighthouse is a strategic object and is under the control of Caspian Sea Shipping.