Lankaran Boyuk Bazaar


Visit Guide to Lankaran Boyuk Bazaar

It is the largest and oldest shopping centre in Lankaran. Here you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables, clothes, pottery, textiles, gold, various spices, and other daily necessities.

Getting There

To visit the Lankaran Bazaar, people can travel to Lankaran from Baku by car, taxi, or bus. There is a 247 km distance from Baku to Lankaran by car. It takes approximately three hours to reach Lankaran from Baku. Lankaran Bazaar can be easily reached by public transportation (bus). As a result, this is the starting point for all bus routes operating in the region.

What to Expect

It was formed at the beginning of the 18th century. At the end of the 1990s, the territory of the Big Bazaar was privatized and “Lankaran Bazaar” OJSC was established here. In 2003, the territory of the old bazaar was expanded, and a covered bazaar, the Green bazaar, was built here that meets modern requirements.

Currently, the Lankaran bazaar consists of a part built during the Soviet era and, as we mentioned, a modern part built in 2003-2004. The bazaar has stalls selling everything from gold to fruit and vegetables.


As the city grew, new neighborhoods emerged beyond the fortress walls. The “Boyuk bazaar” is considered one of the biggest in the neighborhood. “Boyuk Bazaar”, the name of the shopping centre, is also located in this part of the city. That is why it is called the “Big Bazaar” by the people.

There are several neighborhoods in the “Big Bazaar” area itself. Residents of the big bazaar settled in neighborhoods according to their professions: “Abbasiyya”, “Sheshgusha”, “Alakchilar” (Sieve-makers), “Tandirchilar” (Tandoorists), “Qalaychilar” (Tinsmiths), “Chariqchilar” (Bast sandal makers), “Aghas” (“Sayyids”), “Tacirlar” (Merchants), “Ahangchilar” (Limeworkers), “Dabbaqchilar” (Tanners) etc. Several neighborhoods here the name of the place of the immigrants: Shakililar, Karabaghlilar, Daghlilar, etc.

Facilities Available

  • Public Toilet
  • Parking
  • Shopping
  • Public transportation
  • Taxi