Hiking Camping Talyish Mountains


Visit Guide to Hiking Camping Talyish Mountains

The mountain forests of Lerik have the greenest forests with long lasted trees. The city is located on the Talish Mountains which makes suitable for hiking. People can walk, rest in significant enjoy magnificent views at the same time. By making camp in Lerik mountains, you can spend the night under the marvelous sky and sit around a campfire with your friends. There are also the waterfalls at Galabin village. The height of Upper and Lower Galabin waterfalls are 15-20 meters.

Main image: Mojtabaranji, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Getting There

People can travel the mountain forests of Lerik by private car and taxi. There is 293 km distance between Baku and Lerik. To reach Lerik, firstly travelers are supposed to go to Lankaran, because it is the only way that called Baku-Astara highway. It takes almost 3 hours to reach Lerik from Baku by using Baku-Astara highway.

What to Expect

People can do different kind of things on the Talyish mountains. They can make a camp in all seasons and spend their pleasant time among the giant trees and wild nature. It is allowed make a fire and sit around the fire enjoy the picturesque view of Talyish forests and mountains.

Travelers of mountains can also have a picnic there. Cooking their own food in mountains and forests is one of the best that people can do in the talysh mountains. Thirdly, there are also different waterfalls at Galabin village. The height of The Upper and Lower Galabin waterfalls are 15 and 20 meters. People can also do walking activity while enjoying marvelous view.

Facilities Available

  • Taxis