Hazi Aslanov House Museum


Visit Guide to Hazi Aslanov House Museum

One of the USSR’s youngest major-generals, Hazi Aslanov was twice awarded the Hero of the Soviet Union title for his contribution during World War II at battles such as Stalingrad. You can discover all about his life, wartime heroics and tragically early death at the Hazi Aslanov House Museum in his former house in Lankaran.

Getting There

The house-museum is located in Lankaran city, south from Baku. To reach it, take a bus from the Baku International Bus Station heading to Lankaran. You can alternatively take a car/taxi ride.

What to Expect

The house-museum of Hazi Aslanov, twice the Hero of the USSR, consists of 2 rooms. The total number of museum exhibits is 2351, which are spread among 5 exhibition halls of the museum. The museum allows its visitors to learn more about Aslanov’s life, heroism demonstrated during the WW2 and the tragic death of the prominent major-general.


The house-museum of Hazi Aslanov was opened in Lankaran city on May 9 in 1969.


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