Visit Guide to Astara Beaches

If you want to enjoy the sea, sunbathe, strengthen your immunity and to breathe oxygen-rich air into your lungs then visit Astara beaches.

Getting There

It is possible to come from Baku to Astara by a private car, taxi, intercity bus and minibus, using two ways – the old Baku-Astara highway and the newly built North-South highway. Astara is the last stop on these ways and is located between the Caspian Sea and Talysh mountains. The Eastern part of Astara city is washed by the Caspian Sea. There is a Sea boulevard where you can find a number of restaurants, cafes and other facilities. To get to the beach area you can get a taxi or use a public transport (minibus). Using public transport from the center of the city you can get off at the northern end of Astara boulevard. Also, you can find a beach popular among the tourists in the place named Gamishoba. You can get there by a taxi.

What to Expect

İn the middle of the season, tourists may experience congestion. As the beach service is seasonal, the professional service expectations of tourists may not be met. But in total beaches are usually full during summer season. Tourists can enjoy local cuisine in restaurants, hot and cold drinks, sunbathing, play beach volleyball and etc.


Astara was famous for its wonderful nature, thermal waters(baths) and beaches. Tourists can find clean beaches here. Most of the beaches are private beaches and are owned by hotels in the area. The famous beaches in Astara are “Astara Beach Resort” (Gamishoba).  The entry is free. There are restaurants and bars with open terraces offering snacks and drinks on the beaches. Also, guests can use kiosks (pavilions), umbrellas and sunbeds, showers, WC and etc.

Facilities Available

  • Restaurant and Bar (cold and hot drinks)
  • Kiosk
  • Umbrellas, Sunbed, Showers and Changing cabins
  • Playground