Museum of Longevity


Visit Guide to Museum of Longevity

The hilltop town of Lerik is home to one of Azerbaijan’s most unique museums: the Museum of Longevity. This is dedicated to this region’s extraordinary number of long-livers, the most famous of whom are honoured in the museum. They include Shirali Muslimov, a local shepherd who lived an astonishing 168 years. The reason for such longevity is the purity of the region’s water, air and organic food products.

Getting There

The museum is located in the centre of Lerik. Around 3-3.5 hours of drive from Baku, Lerik is just one hour of drive from Lankaran. You can get there by inter-city bus or car from Baku or arrive to Lankaran airport and reach Lerik from there.

What to Expect

The nature of Lerik is thought to have a medicinal quality. In fact, so many of Lerik’s local residents have passed the 100-year threshold that the town has its own museum dedicated to its centenarians. One man featured here is Shirali Muslimov, a resident of the nearby village of Barzavu, who lived for an astonishing 168 years! Make sure to visit the museum to familiarize yourself with the heritage of Lerik’s centenarians.

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