Visit Guide to Lerik Town

This town is the centre of the Lerik region, located in the Talish Mountains of south-eastern Azerbaijan. It is surrounded by stunning scenery and is famous for its unique Museum of Longevity, which celebrates the region’s abundance of centenarians, whose lives were prolonged by the region’s pure nature and active lifestyle.

Getting There

Around 3-3.5 hours of drive from Baku, Lerik is just one hour of drive from Lankaran. You can get there by inter-city bus or car from Baku or arrive to Lankaran airport and reach Lerik from there.

What to Expect

A scenic winding road takes you to the mountaintop town of Lerik – a peaceful escape from the seaside hustle and bustle, and a gateway to the fabulous Talysh Mountains with its beautiful mountain nature. It’s also home to one of Azerbaijan’s most unusual museums – the Museum of Longevity. It is often called “The land of centenarians” because of its many inhabitants who lived more than 100 years.


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