Visit Guide to Round Tower

The Round Tower was built in the 18th century in Lankaran.It is also called Zindan and Prison of Stalin. It was used as a prison until 1970, since Tsar Empire occupied Lankaran Khanate. The prison was constructed with red bricks in the shape of a circle. With the existence of hidden underground tunnel, it was possible to secretly take prisoners into the construction. The prison consists of 3 floors and currently is under the restoration.

Getting There

In order to visit the Round Tower, people can travel to Lankaran from Baku by car, bus or taxi. The distance from Baku to Lankaran is approximately 247 km by car. It takes around 3 hours to reach Lankaran from Baku. The prison is located in the city centre of Lankaran. Bus services and taxis are available in Lankaran. People can use these to easily get to the Round Tower.

What to Expect

The tower is currently closed for restoration work. Tours and exhibitions will resume after the restoration is complete.


The Round Tower was built between 1747-1786 by European engineers and specialists who were brought from Tabriz city on the orders of Nader Shah. Until 1970, the tower was used as a prison.

According to some reports, in the early 20th century, Joseph Stalin was sentenced to life imprisonment here and spent some time incarcerated. He later escaped with the help of his comrades. As a result, the prison is now also known as “the prison of Stalin”.

However, when the Russian army occupied the Lankaran Khanate, the fortress was unfortunately destroyed. Since 2001, the fortress has been protected by the state and listed as an architectural monument.

In 2006 the fortress was restored, and an art gallery was placed there.

Facilities Available

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