Visit Guide to Shorabad

About a 50-minute drive north of Baku, situated on a thin peninsula on the Caspian coastline near the settlement of Shorabad, this is Azerbaijan’s first and only kitesurfing centre and hotel set around an 8km2 flat-water lagoon with perfect wind conditions. The season lasts from May to October, during which time you can come to kitesurf or simply relax at the laid-back beach club.

Getting There

You can only reach Shorabad by taxi or private car.

What to Expect

If you are into water sports and you’re no stranger to kitesurfing, it is worth visiting the resort in the village of Shorabad, near Baku. This is Azerbaijan’s first kitesurfing center where you’ll truly be able to appreciate the strength of Baku’s infamous winds. The center offers kites and boards to buy or rent together with all the necessary accessories. Right now, there is no coaches, that’s why only experienced surfers can come and enjoy kitesurfing. And even if you don’t want to surf, the contemporary beach club and restaurant, which serves up delicious international dishes, make this a prime place to relax beside the Caspian.

In addition, the Shorabad settlement has an ancient bath from the 17th century, Ovdan and Shorabad Juma mosques from the era of Shah Abbas.


Shorabad (also, Mikhailabad, Shuraabad, Sovetabad, and Soviet Abad) is a village and municipality in the Khizi Rayon of Azerbaijan. It has a population of 2,232. The municipality consists of the villages of Şuraabad, Yaşma, and Türkoba.

Shorabad settlement has an ancient history. According to historians and older people, the history of Shorabad settlement dates back to the 12th century. There are 5 ancient cemeteries in the settlement. Many tombs and stone inscriptions in these cemeteries have survived to modern times.

Facilities Available

  • Blueplanet Kite Beach
  • Ovdan of Shah Abbas
  • Shuraabad Hamam (XVII century)
  • Juma Mosque