The National Azerbaijan Golf Club


Visit Guide to The National Azerbaijan Golf Club

One of two golf courses in Azerbaijan, the National Azerbaijan Golf Club opened in 2013 and the following year hosted the country’s first professional tournament (the Azerbaijan Challenge Open). The beautifully landscaped 18-hole course is set amid 75 hectares of idyllic Caucasian countryside providing fantastic views of forests and mountains.

Getting There

The Golf Club is located near Guba, north from Baku. To reach it, take a bus from the Baku International Bus Station heading to Guba and then travel to the Club by taxi. You can alternatively take a car/taxi ride from Baku.

What to Expect

This was the first course to open in Azerbaijan and played host to the Azerbaijan Challenge Open in 2014, the country’s first professional tournament. It has a purpose-built clubhouse with luxurious locker rooms, a shop to suit every golfer’s needs and some truly unique dining options. But it’s the idyllic Caucasian countryside and mountain views that really make playing here an unforgettable experience.


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