Visit Guide to Vilash Lake

Vilash Lake is located in the Masalli district of Azerbaijan which is near to Gariblar and Isi villages.The reservoir’s volume is 46 million cubic meters and is a major attraction for tourists located near to many hotels and resorts. Villash lake is covered with National and public parks, beautiful forests, and natural areas.

Getting There

Vilash Lake is accessible by car, bus and taxi. It is located approximately 220 km from Baku. The Baku-Astara highway can be used to reach Masalli. It takes about 2 hours to reach Vilash Lake from Baku.

Vilash Lake is situated on the western side of the Masalli district, on the Masalli-Yardimli road, close to the villages of Gariblar and Isi. The distance between Masalli and Vilash Lake is around 9 km, and there are bus and taxi services available in Masalli for travellers to easily access the lake. You can choose between buses, private cars, or taxis to reach your destination.

What to Expect

The magnificent view of Vilash lake, Vilash river, greenest forest, and talysh mountains also easily can be observed here. National parks, public parks and natural areas are also available in this territory.


Vilash Lake is located on the western side of the Masalli district. There is a reservoir that was built and given to use in 1986 which was created by the flows of the Vilash River. The main purpose for the establishment of the reservoir was to irrigate agricultural fields.

The total capacity of Vilash Lake is 46 million cubic meters, with the height of the reservoir being 37 meters. The horizontal length of Vilash Lake is 3.2 km.

Many hotels and resorts have been built near Vilash Lake which makes the area more attractive for visitors. In 2012 President Ilham Aliyev laid the foundation of a new water supply system to build a new reservoir using the existing Vilash Reservoir.

Facilities Available

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Public Transportation
  • Taxis
  • Shopping