Visit Guide to Lankaran Beaches

If you want to enjoy the sea, sunbathe, strengthen your immunity, and get rid of rheumatoid (joint) pain, the famous Lankaran beaches with healing black sand are just for you.

Getting There

There are two routes from Baku to Lankaran: the old Baku-Astara highway and the recently constructed North-South highway. These routes can be taken by private vehicle, taxi, intercity bus, and minibus. It is possible to get to the beach area by moving from the new highway bridge in the Girdeni village area of Lankaran district towards Lavangi circle and then by moving along the Shahidlar avenue without turning anywhere. At Lavangi Circle, where the local intercity bus station is located, you can also hire a taxi or take a bus or minibus for public transportation.

Using public transport from Lavangi circle, get off at Martyr’s monument and walk for 10-15 minutes along the Shahidlar avenue to reach the beach area. The beach area can be reached from Goyshaban circle in Lankaran, when traveling along the old Baku-Astara highway. You can also use intercity minibuses from Masalli or use public transport to villages at that direction.

What to Expect

On the beach, tourists can find family and non-family sections. It is recommended to consult a doctor in advance in order to use the black sand of the beach for therapeutic reasons as effectively and safely as possible (form, time and duration of use, contraindications, etc.).


Lankaran was a popular tourist destination during the Soviet era. It was well-known for its wonderful nature, thermal waters (baths) and beaches. On the beach, tourists can find family and non-family sections as well as the beaches for men and women. Both paid and free beaches can be found here.

Most of the beaches are private ones, among them the beaches owned by hotels (such as “Qafqaz (closed at present) and “Mona” beaches). One of Lankaran’s most well-known beaches is “BELUQA” beach which has been in operation since 2013. 

The entrance fee is 1 AZN. On the beaches, there are restaurants, cafeterias  and bars with open terraces that provide snacks and drinks. Guests can also use kiosks, umbrellas and sunbeds, showers, WCs, and other amenities for additional payment.

Facilities Available

  • Restaurants, cafeterias for snacks. Teahouses (chaykhana) and bars  for cold and hot drinks. Kiosk
  • Umbrella, sunbeds, tables and chairs
  • Shower and changing cabins, WC
  • Water scooter, inflatable water banana, playground.