Visit Guide to Hirkan National Park

The vast Hirkan National Park covers much of the Lankaran and Astara regions, beginning in the lowlands and rising into the Talish Mountains. A botanist’s paradise, it protects the spectacular Hirkan Forest, home to many rare and endemic tree species such as the ironwood, which survived the last Ice Age. The park is also one of the last habitats of the endangered Caucasian leopard. Hikers can also enjoy numerous marked routes to waterfalls and scenic villages.

Getting There

400 kilometers from Baku, Hirkan National Park is located in Lankaran and Astara regions in the south of Azerbaijan. You may get to Lankaran or Astara on a bus from the Baku International Bus Station and then take a taxi to the Park. If on a personal car, make sure to include the visit to Hirkan National Park to your itinerary as you visit the south of Azerbaijan.

What to Expect

The area of the Hirkan National Park preserves many endemic flora and fauna species, including the rare Persian leopard inhabiting the area. The place is a great destination for birdwatching and hiking lovers. The Khanbulanchay water reservoir located within the territory of the park is a perfect spot for embracing the natural beauties of the region.


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