Visit Guide to Talish Mountains

A mountain range in south-eastern Azerbaijan and continuing over the Iranian border. The highest peaks rise over 3,000 metres. The mountains are covered by the Hirkan Forest, famed for its many endemic tree species. There are attractive villages inhabited by ethnic Talish people and hiking and birdwatching in the Hirkan National Park.

Getting There

The Talish Mountains extend southeastward from Lankaran along the Azerbaijan-Iran border. To reach there, travel to Lankaran from Baku and then a few kilometers from Lankaran towards the mountain range.

What to Expect

The Hirkan National Park is one of the main place to visit in the Talish Mountains, with its forests, rivers, waterfalls and endemic flora and fauna. You can also hike along the many route in Talish mountains, spend time at the birdwatching spots across the area and get acquainted with the lifestyle and cuisine of local Talish people.