Visit Guide to Hanna Lake

Hanna lake is located near the Valley of Hanna and has a small Dam which is mostly filled with rain water. The location is a famous tourist attraction for the visitors and is easily accessible.

Main image: Aysafaran, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Getting There

Located approximately 17km from the Quetta city, Hanna Lake is beautiful site for the visitors and easily accessible via Road. It is easily accessible by any vehicle and has most of the basic facilities for a day trip.

What to Expect

Hanna is a beautiful Lake which gets filled during the rainy season. When the lake is filled properly, it has boats for the tourists as well as a small family park. The location is surrounded by mountains and becomes a beautiful destination for photographs. The top of the Dam is also accessible to get to the other side from where you can get to the beautifully made huts. The ducks in the lack just add to the beauty of the lake.


The lake was basically built as a water reservoir by the British in the year of 1894. It has been used since for the said purpose and slowly became a major tourist attraction in the city of Quetta.

Facilities Available

Most of the facilities are available near the lake. From food to parking and family area and adventure sports when the lake is filled. On the other side of the lake the huts are administered by Army and can be rented for the day. No overnight stay facilities are available as the location is very close to the city and can easily be accessed in a day.