Quaid I Azam Ziarat Residency


Visit Guide to Quaid I Azam Ziarat Residency

Quaid I Azam Ziarat Residency, located in the small town of Ziarat surrounded by world 2nd largest Juniper forest. It is the most notable landmark in the city as it was used by Quaid I Azam during his last days of life.

Main image: Hamzaniazii, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons, cropped image

Getting There

Ziarat can be accessed by the Quetta-Ziarat Road and is approximately 120km from Quetta city. The roads are in good condition so any type of vehicle can be used to get there. Once in the town, the residency is in the center and can be easily visited during the visiting hours as stated by the district administration.

What to Expect

Quaid I Azam Ziarat Residency is wooden building beautifully built during the British Era. It has become the most tourist visited place in the town along with forests of Juniper. The town of Ziarat itself is surrounded by the forest and provides breathtaking experience to its visitors during the summers and winters. In winters the town gets covered in snow so the residency turns into a must visit place.


It was built during the British Era as a sanatorium and was later used in the summers by Governor General. Later it was used by Quaid I Azam during his last days hence the name. Its currently under the supervision of district administration and open for the tourists. The original building was destroyed in 2013 and was rebuilt from scratch by the provincial government.

Facilities Available

The town of Ziarat provides all the facilities to the visitors. There are many private and government guest houses as well as hotels in the main market which is nearby. All types of transport & services are available in the city.