Jirga Hall (Victoria Memorial Hall)


Visit Guide to Jirga Hall (Victoria Memorial Hall)

Jirga Hall also known as Victoria Memorial Hall is building in the town of Sibi constructed during British era in the region. Currently, it used as a museum and Govt related activities like Sibi Festival or 14th august ceremony. There are few archeological items from the site of Mehrgarh dated 7000BCE and Baloch tribal related history.

Getting There

Jirga Hall is located at the center of Sibi city. Sibi can be accessed by either side from Quetta-Jacobabad Highway approximately 150km from both the cities. The main attraction is open to general public but the museum is under the supervision of district administration and will need to be granted permission to gain access to it.

What to Expect

Jirga hall has a unique architecture as with most of the buildings established during the British era. The museum includes artifacts of Mehrgrah dated over 7000BCE and local community historical feats. During the Sibi festival, The surrounding building are used for ceremonies, cultural and musical shows.


The building was built in 1903 during the British Era and was named as Victoria Memorial Hall. It was used as the annual Jirga from the British personals as well Tribal leaders. After the departure of the British, it was mainly used by the locals until it was turned into a museum.

Facilities Available

Sibi has many government rest houses for the guests and tourist along with some hotels in the main market that can be used for staying while on the visit. It is best to have the facilities arranged by a local resident.