Pir Ghaib Rockpool and Cascades


Visit Guide to Pir Ghaib Rockpool and Cascades

Pir Ghaib, Balochistan’s most famous tourist attraction is located near the town of Mach. It is famous for its beautiful waterfalls, deep blue natural water pools & date forest.

Getting There

Pir Ghaib is easily accessible via Quetta-Sibi highway. An entrance point has been created by the government from where the tourist can get access to the main point. It is accessible only via road from here on. Any type of vehicle can get you to the main parking area and from there the tourist can trek to different waterfalls.

What to Expect

Pir Ghaib has the most beautiful waterfalls in the province. With the date forest in the beginning then leading to the pools and waterfalls, it provides one of the best scenery in the region. On a bright clear day, one can see the fish in the water aswell. Tourists are advised to follow safety precautions as the waters are deep and could prove deadly.


The name is based on the story of a saint who was said to be followed by his enemies until this point from where he was never found again hence the name Pir Ghaib (The Lost Saint). There is also a pool on the other side of the mountain which is said to be used only by fairies on full moons.

Facilities Available

The area has the basic facilities for visitors. There are shops available for groceries, benches for rest and parking lot for cars. However, there are no facilities for overnight staying and hence the tourist use camps for it.