Urak Valley Picnic Site


Visit Guide to Urak Valley Picnic Site

Hanna Urak is valley located to the east side of Quetta and is home to Apple Orhcards. It is used frequently by the visitors throughout the season due to its picnic spots and lakes. It is approximately 15Km from the city of Quetta and has various routes for different spots in the valley.

Getting There

Located approximately 15km from the Quetta city, Hanna Valley is beautiful site for the visitors and easily accessible via Road. Any vehicle can get you to the entrance point from where either you can rent a 4×4 car of trek to other attractions.

What to Expect

Hanna Valley provides beautiful mountains and water streams throughout its journey. The valley starts with Apple Orchards on both sides of the road and leads to the main entry point. From there you can get access further explore the area. It leads to beautiful water streams, narrow canyons all the way to the wali tangi dam. Wali tangi dam requires special permission from army personals.

Once there, you can get to the other side of dam via boats and enjoy the waterfalls of Zarghoon mountain ranges. Before entering the Urak valley road, there is another route that leads to Spin Karez Dam which is also used by the visitors during the weekends to spend their evening near water.


Urak valley historically belongs to the resident of Kakar tribe. It has been providing the region best Apples and other fruits throughout the province ever since the community settled here. The dam was created to maintain the water management at the start of the valley and was reconstructed a few years to enhance its capacity. Another location near the valley is Spin Karez which is used as a water reservoir and was built by the British during their stay in Quetta.

Facilities Available

There are basic facilities available at the entry point. You can find food, public toilets and parking lots but there are no accommodation facilities available on the site. As its so close to the Quetta city, it is not required as once can easily visit the area and return to Quetta if necessary.