Hiking to Sandeman Tangi Waterfall


Visit Guide to Hiking to Sandeman Tangi Waterfall

Sandeman tangi is a small village located in the town of Ziarat and has a waterfall and beautiful track between the canyons. When entering the town, a track to the left leads to this place which can partially be covered by a vehicle.

Getting There

You can reach Ziarat by the Quetta-Ziarat Road which is around 120km. The village is around 5km from the town and is accessible via a vehicle but to get to the waterfall, a trek is used which leads through beautiful canyons and then the waterfall.

What to Expect

The trek is used frequently by the visitors to get to the waterfall which has beautiful scenery throughout the canyons. This area also has Juniper forests like the Ziarat town and can easily be visited from the main road within few minutes.


The place is named after Sir Robert Sandeman during the British Era. It later became popular for its waterfall and canyon is defined by local Pashto word Tangi. The locals used to believe that the area was haunted by ghosts before their settlements.

Facilities Available

The town of Ziarat provides all the facilities to the visitors. There are many private and government guest houses as well as hotels in the main market which is nearby. All types of transport & services are available in the city. However, there are no facilities on this trek and it is best to visit the place from the main town.