Hiking From Ziarat to Prospect Point


Visit Guide to Hiking From Ziarat to Prospect Point

Prospect point is the location from where the whole valley of kharwari baba and lush green forest can be seen. It is used as a camping site by the tourists and to access the valley of Zizri, Domera and Kharwari. The dangerous road here leads to the district of Harnai.

Main image: Faiqah Abdul Jabbar, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Getting There

You can reach Ziarat by the Quetta-Ziarat Road. Once there, you can simply trek to this location passing through the juniper forest or using the road which also leads to prospect point. It is approximately 8km from the Ziarat city. Once on the location, you can trek downhill to kharwari baba to explore the forest on the both side of the valley.

What to Expect

The Juniper forest is the densest in this area. Hiking here from the city takes you through the forest and ends on the cliff of the prospect point. You can further trek downhill to Kharwari Baba or Zizri Valley. The trees here are thousand years old and world 2nd largest juniper forest. It can be used as camping site to experience the nature.


Historically, Ziarat was visited in summers by the nearby hot cities of Harnai & Sibi. However, during the British Era it was accessed by the Governor General in summers and later visited by Quide Azam during his last days of his life. Since then, it has become a tourist attraction and people visit here from all over the country throughout the season.

Facilities Available

The town of Ziarat provides all the facilities to the visitors. There are many private and government guest houses as well as hotels in the main market which is nearby. All types of transport & services are available in the city. However, prospect point does not provide such facilities and can be only used a camping site.