Visit Guide to Hingol National Park

Hingol National Park is known as the largest national park of Pakistan. Located on the Makran Coastal Highway, is most famous for its wildlife and mountains that are shaped like the sphinx of Egypt.

Getting There

Getting to Hingol national park is relatively easy now a days since the completion of makran coastal highway. It is approximately 180Km Karachi city and 120Km from Uthal city. Normal vehicles will only be able to get you on the main highway, however 4×4 vehicles are needed to explore it. There are various attractions that can be accessed on the highway as well.

What to Expect

Hingol National Park is home to the Princess of Hope as named by Angelina Julie when she visited Pakistan in 2004. Additionally, there are various mountains that are tourist’s attraction like the Sphinx of Egypt. Near the Hingol River, one can experience the wildlife.

It is home to a lot of migratory birds but Ibex & Crocodiles are the main attraction. The temple of Hinglaj Mata can also be accessed on the main highway, along with Mud Volcanos, which is used by Hindu Pilgrims each year. The tombs of the soldiers of Muhammad Bin Qasim are also present at the road side from 8th century.


Hingol was declared a National Park in 1988. Famous for its unique mountain formations, it wasn’t totally accessible until 2004 when the makran coastal highway was created. When Angelina Julie visited the area the same year, She named the rock formations as Princess of Hope.

This route was historically used by the soldiers of Muhammad Bin Qasim as evident from their graves near the village of Agore. Hindus have used this route for hundreds of years to get to their Holy Temple of Hinglaj Mata barefoot.

Facilities Available

Recent development have made accessibility very easy in the region. There is total coverage of Ufone network on the main highway and there are guest houses available on the Kund Malir beach from where all the mentioned places are easily accessible. Fuel might be an issue because most of the fuel stations don’t have high quality fuel available.