Sibi Mela Annual Festival


Visit Guide to Sibi Mela Annual Festival

Sibi Mela is an annual festival held in the city. This festival has been held for over a century now and is held in the month of February each year. The festival attracts thousands of people from Sindh and Balochistan and the business community as it provides various opportunities for livestock and agriculture related activities.

Getting There

Sibi can be accessed via Quetta-Jacobabad Highway and is approximately 150km from Quetta and 150km from Jacobabad. You can also get there via Quetta Sukhar train services. Once in the city of Sibi, District administration uses banners and signs to direct the people to main attraction. There are different sites related to different sectors each with a dedicated location.

What to Expect

There are various attractions in the festival for the visitors. Govt of Balochistan provides each department mainly, agriculture, irrigation & livestock, with its stall in the exhibition center where they display the departmental Equipment’s & achievements.

There is huge demand of livestock and the festival is used as the hub to buy and sell different breeds of animals from all over the region most notably from Bhag Nari. The business of livestock is estimated to be in millions each year. There are specific nights allotted for concerts and musical shows aswell as cultural activities.


Sibi Mela was first held in year of 1885 and historically was used only for the business of livestock’s.  It is reported to have traded over 1400 horses in the same year. After its success, it was granted permission to be held annually. Over the years, it has turned into a cultural festival and is celebrated each year in the city. Now used as a business opportunity aswell festival and attracts thousands of people from all over the country.

Facilities Available

Sibi has many government rest houses for the guests and tourist along with some hotels in the main market that can be used for staying while on the visit. It is best to have the facilities arranged by a local resident as accommodation can be very hard in hotels and rest houses during the festival.