Kottari Shaktipeeth Shri Hinglaj Temple


Visit Guide to Kottari Shaktipeeth Shri Hinglaj Temple

Hinglaj Mata Temple also known as Kali Mata Temple is a shrine used by Hindu pilgrims in the makran coastal highway inside the Hingol national park. It is a famous tourist attraction and a good place to experience wildlife as evident by the presence of crocodiles near the river.

Main image: Aliraza Khatri, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons (cropped image)

Getting There

Hinglaj Mata is approximately 220km from Karachi on Makran Coastal Highway in Hingol National Park. It is easily accessible by cars and bikes. From the Zero Point Uthal, it is around 120Km. One can do a round trip from Karachi in a day easily.

What to Expect

It is an important location for the Hindu Pilgrims so they have some dedicated people their all the time. Apart from the Temple itself, it is home to the wildlife in the nearby river. During the festival, the pilgrims come barefoot from the Chandragup Mud Volcanos to the Temple. The site is an extension of Hingol mountain range and have similar built that attract the tourist and pilgrims alike. 


The history of the temple at least dates back to the 16th century as mentioned in the Bengali work chandimangal. It is believed to be one of the most holy place among the pilgrims. Among other legends, it is the place where Hingol was murdered by the Devi.

Facilities Available

Recent development have made accessibility very easy in the region. There is total coverage of Ufone network on the main highway and there are guest houses available on the Kund Malir beach which is around 15km only from the temple. Fuel might be an issue because most of the fuel stations don’t have high quality fuel available.